11.15.16 - Black Friday Preparations

Oh my! Where to even begin? When I came back to work from my vacation, the Sup 1 position was dumped on someone else. I wasn't mad that it was given to a newer supervisor, but HOW she got it. When they bugged me about being Sup 1; they told me I had to do ALL THESE THINGS, which I did and that was a year ago. Then, they just gave it to the other supervisor, no questions asked. She didn't have to do any of that stuff. I, admit, I was extremely pissed about it. But, I'm over it... mostly.

As I was working my first day back from vacation; I was working in Audit (I'm a backup for that department) and the opener for my department was getting really mad. So mad, that she turned in a voluntary quit to our store manager...DIRECTLY to him. There was a part where you had to write down why you were leaving (if you wanted to). She went on a long tangent about all the things that have been going on. Basically: Not enough supervisors, no manager, no working equipment, no cashiers.

So, we're losing another supervisor. Her last day is day after Black Friday.

I've been helping prep my department on Black Friday since me (and one other sup) have been there for awhile; while the others were new. It's quite difficult to do to be honest because of how few people we have. We used to have 45 registers but ever since they had to change to the credit card chip readers; half of the registers are gone to give more space. Now, we have 24 registers.

We usually hire seasonal people in the middle of October; but everyone who turned in applications (I've had to look at them) had really crappy schedules. It was really hard to hire people this year. In fact, for my department we hired 3 people. But, what happened to them? They all quit. Yep, all the seasonal hires quit already. They hired 10 new merchandisers (backup cashiers & stockers) ... in 2 weeks; they all quit. *sigh* awesome. Honestly, though, even if we did have a bunch of awesome applicants; we can't really do interviews because of how few supervisors we have.

As for i+ta; I'll be releasing a new collection inspired by Boba Tea/Bubble Tea. My friend helped me create this. She did the art. It was actually supposed to come out during the summer in a monthly subscription (I believe it was supposed to be July's); but she wanted it as an actual collection. There were some complications with it and no time, so I wasn't able to release it in the summer. Sadness...

Since the subscriptions are ending, I've been thinking of new collections/old collections... basically what I want to make next. I've also been seriously thinking about drawing comics again. Like I said, the subscriptions took up SO much of my time.

I'm thinking of doing daily slice of life comics. Those are a lot of fun for me to do (I like drawing funny facial expressions). I don't know if I'd want to do a serious comic series/story again. Now those...those take a LOOOONG time to do. I do miss selling art at conventions... I don't know.

I'm still doing my planning videos. Don't judge me ;P I actually really like doing them. Even though I know no one watches them LOL, I just like doing them. ^__^;


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