11.01.16 - Update on Life

Since I can't sleep, I thought I would do an update on my life. 

It's been quite awhile since I've made a post. I think the last time I did was in August. 

Let's start with innocent+twisted Alchemy. I started my store in 2009, it's been 7 years! I can't believe it. But the last two years have been extreme lows in my business. I started my monthly subscription in 2013 and it was a huge hit until this year. This year, I kept losing my subscribers. I changed the format and increased/decreased [for some it was an increase in price and for some it was a decrease in price since I had different price ranges/sizes; now it's just one size and one price]. But when that happened, half of them unsubscribed. But it didn't stop there, I kept losing 10 a month. I used to have over 120 subscribers and now I'm down to 20. I had been mentally debating with myself for months and months and finally decided to stop it in January (December 2016 will be the last one). I must say this was a huge blow because it made me so depressed. I did everything I could to keep it up, but it didn't work.

The last two years also, I tried releasing collections and hoped they would sell and they have failed. My most current collection, I only sold a sample set of. I'm not blaming anyone but myself. Maybe if I had more of a social media presence it would help and etc. But I also know that we are on hard times, financially. Right now, I'm still debating on if I should close completely or not. I'm just really depressed at the thought... 

When my external hard drive crashed, I felt like it was a sign. To either, start over or give up. I decided to start over. I tried to be positive about everything. I had a sale and sold most of my stock, My boyfriend said, "See? That's good. It means people are still interested." I also had all these ideas about trying to have a bigger social media presence. I was going to try and do sponsorships and etc. 

Then, life happened. My full-time job. I'm a supervisor at a big electronics store (a private company). My department is the biggest (Customer Service); but we're short on staff. One of the supervisors quit suddenly. He had told us he was helping his grandparents; but it turned out he quit because he found another job. To be fully staffed [supervisors], we need 10 supervisors; with him we had 6. Then, the Return's Department Supervisors [also, my department] took a leave of absence for a few months. So we had to move one of our supervisors to that section. 

My manager was like: Don't worry! We're going to move up two of our cashiers to be temporary supervisors. BUT!!! One of them is extremely incompetent and the other cashier became a backup for the Audit Department. We are also, short cashiers. The one that was incompetent also quit without notice. 

As that was happening, our manager quit. And it was like my whole department fell apart when they heard about my manager's last day. Then all the managers in the store kept pushing me to become "Sup 1". [I'm Sup 2; 2nd in charge of the department; but we don't have a Sup 1]. In fact, the whole store has bothered me about it. 

I was given extra duties. I had to attend meetings I didn't normally do. I received all the manager emails, etc. 

Maybe this is another sign for me to give up on innocent+twisted Alchemy. It's almost holiday season. The assistant store manager is helping me with many things. Right now, I'm on vacation. And from what one of the supervisors has told me; my department has seriously fallen into shambles. 

There's also some other things going on in my personal life that involves my Dad and it's just...this is too much. 

And the only thing, (is this sad or what?) that's making me happy are planners. Decorating planners, etc. It's strange but... it just makes me happy. My friend and I have started our own planner sticker businesses. Mine is here --> innocent+twisted Designs and hers is here --> StickiMix

Even though we haven't sold anything yet, we have a lot of fun doing it. Right now, I'm in the process of doing custom chibi stickers. I literally had the idea a few days ago and I was trying to figure out how long it takes from pencil and paper to the finished product. 

Now that I have a lot of time on my hands, I've been working on "Plan with Me" videos too. I just uploaded two and I'm working on one right now. [I plan/decorate as the days go by; not all at once]. I decided it'd be more interesting to watch if there was a voiceover but I don't have a microphone. I'm planning on getting one tomorrow. 

I know this post is extremely depressing but, this is how my life has been like. I go back to work on Friday and I need to get my butt and all of my department into holiday season mode. Because Black Friday is only in a few weeks and we don't have enough supervisors, no manager, and not enough cashiers. I like being overly prepared. It's better to be overly prepared than not. 

I know I say this ALLL the time, but I'm going to try to blog more. Maybe some sticker haul posts or whatever... I don't know. I'll figure it out :) Thank you for reading/listening to me whine and complain.


  1. I can totally understand how stressful and disappointing I+TA taking a bit if a downturn would be on top of all your work stuff but I really hope you don't close! I haven't been able to afford to keep up with the sub or collections lately but I just adore your products and would be so upset to see them go. I'll do my best to feature them more regularly, maybe having a brand Instagram people could tag you in would help? I know the soctal media commitment is a lot of work though, I struggle with it for my blog. Thinking of you and hoping things get better xxx Lani www.lani-loves.com

    1. Aww, thank you so much. Don't worry about i+ta; I can't seem to let it go. I'll just try and figure it out :) But thank you for all the support

  2. Life gets in the way sometimes. It's a bummer. :D I have really liked your blog posts and I'm hoping you will be posting more soon. Hang in there. :)

    1. Thank you for the reply! :D I, honestly, didn't think anyone read my blog lol; I was just venting ;D~ But thank you so much for all of your support


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