07.07.13 REVIEW - Filofax: THE ORIGINAL

There's no question about it, I'm in LOVE with the Originals! Something about the simplicity of the design and the colors really got to me! I'm also loving the structured (but soft and VERY smooth) leather.

NOTE: None of the photos were editted!

 There are some known issues about the design of this particular binder though. The short strap being the number one issue. I'm the type of person that really stuffs my planner. It does take a little extra time to close the clasp because of how short it is. But it still does it's job. 

Another problem I've heard/seen is the color of the leather rubs off because of the constant use of the strap. So far, none of mine have this problem. But... (read below)
 Another issue which I have absolutely no problem with are the pen loops and "gadget" holder. I actually use the pen loops (yes, both of them! Just not in this photo). Over time, I think the elastics will definitely stretch. I have tried putting my iPhone 4s into the gadget and it had a tight fit. Though, the problem was closing the actual binder with the clasp, so I don't use the "gadget" holder to hold my phone unless I take out a bunch of my inserts. As of this moment, it's holding my postage stamps :P

 I thought the fluro pink was too bright to show so now I'm showing the Retro Yellow. [Currently using the Fluro Pink one] This is what the inside of the cover looks like. It has a long pocket with two card slits. As I've said before, the leather is very stiff but soft (flexible enough that you don't have any issues putting things into the slits/pockets). 

I love the embossing...

 Everything that came with the Originals [taken from the Filofax website]:

  • Transparent flyleaf
  • 2 color front sheet to co-ordinate with organizer range
  • Week on 2 pages diary, 5 language
  • 1-6 coloured index
  • To do
  • White ruled notepaper
  • White quadrille notepaper
  • White plain notepaper
  • Blue ruled notepaper
  • Green ruled notepaper
  • Pink ruled notepaper
  • Contacts
  • Frosted ruler/page marker
  • Top opening envelope
  • Jot pad
 Here's inside cover of the back. There's another pocket and two slots that hold the Filofax Jot Pad. I do plan on using it for doodles :)

Now, I've asked on the Philofaxy FB Group but it looks like I'm the only one with this issue. This is my Retro Yellow Original. This is the clasp (the bottom of it). I don't know if you can see, I did some macro shots of it. The cover of my Original kind of cuts into the clasp and causes this "cut". It may look like a dent but it's actually a cut. There are pieces of leather popping off. 

 Here's another view of it. 

The funny thing is, I have two other Originals and none of them have this problem. 

I'm an easy to please person and most things don't bother me. This doesn't bother me much but I mentioned it in case other people are looking into it. If it was bad rings, that'd be a different issue though :P

 Anyway, here are some photos of my Fluro Pink in use. STUFFED!!!! 
 Contrast stitching... And the short strap. 
 The back
The spine. It's so FAT! :P

As with all the new Filofaxes, it came with a plastic sleeve. I'm still eyeing the Retro Green though I really shouldn't.... >__>;


  1. So are you still in love with your Flouro pink??? I JUST got mine the other day!!!


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